Windows Deployment

Let us help you upgrade to the best platform for your modern business.

Designed for the modern world of cloud services and mobility, Windows 10 is both simple to use and tightly integrated with the cloud.

Why Windows 10?

Simple to Use Integrates Cloud and PC
Easy for Windows 7 users​

Familiar experience across devices​

Tailored to form factor​

Universal applications​


Designed for cloud services​

“Project Spartan”​

Core strengths of Windows​

Windows & Office​


Our team at Veris Visalign will prepare your organization for a seamless Windows 10 deployment. Our approach:


Readiness and Communication

As a part of the Plan Step, our team will focus on technology readiness and a effective communication plan. The right messaging and rollout plan is critical for a successful rollout.


Technical Reference and Documentation

Based on your existing technology landscape we adopt the right windows 10 deployment option. Our team come up with the right strategy based on lessons learned and Best practices.


Post Deployment Support

Our Support team provides post deployment client support utilizing our Support Services. Our team also provides deployment guides and additional information to enable this change.