Virtualization is not just for large organizations anymore. With the advent of cloud computing, virtualization is a big win for any small- to mid-sized business.

There are many things that you do with virtual machines in the cloud:

    • Create websites that can grow with your company
    • Add and support new applications that expand your business footprint 
    • Run legacy applications

In addition, by running VM’s in the Microsoft Cloud you get far greater security and compliance.  Microsoft Azure gives you the flexibility to support many application platforms, and the flexibility to scale to suit your needs. You can quickly provision a new virtual machine in a few minutes. 

Many businesses are now ‘born in the cloud.’ Small companies and startups can create a business with Azure because it gives them access to massive amounts of compute power at a low cost of entry. In the past, they would have to pay for server hardware, the space to house the servers, and a large IT staff to support. These costs would have prevented many businesses from even starting. But today, it’s easy to dream big. You can get all the compute power you need, and only pay for what you use.

Take the example of UniKey. In the span of five years, UniKey has grown from a tiny startup to a pioneer in the smart lock industry. Its founder and president, Phil Dumas, has gone from a budding Florida entrepreneur to the head of a company that’s raised $14.3 million. UniKey uses Linux Virtual Machines, which hosts UniKey’s Ruby on Rails website.

 Most business decision makers know they should be looking at the cloud to transform their business. They know there’s a better way to automate business processes and improve workflows. But they aren’t sure where to start. That’s where we can help.

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