Have you ever assessed your IT provider by asking, “Do they know my name?” 

It’s a simple question, designed to make you think about your relationship with your IT provider. Your provider’s goal should be to understand you and your business—how it runs, what it needs, and where it’s headed. These are important determinants of the technology and support you need. Your provider shouldn’t just select technology that will work; they should be aware of what technology will work best for you.

With so many options available, it’s important to have a provider that can identify and explain why one technology or one particular solution is better for you than another. Historically, technology providers did not need to understand the specifics of certain industries to suggest useful technologies. As the number of unique solutions and configurations increases, providers now need to understand how to identify the right technological fit. 

As IT has evolved to meet specific business needs, it’s now your provider’s job to understand which technologies satisfy your needs—not just the needs of your industry. Successfully explaining the value of one option over another demonstrates their understanding of your business needs and helps you make informed decisions. More than ever, you’re looking for an IT provider who can also be a trusted advisor. At VerisVisalign, we have client relationships which span as far back as 20 years. These client relationships have been built on trust and an intimate understating of their business allowing for the creation of unique and custom solutions. We know their name.

A new concept is particularly helpful for understanding the value of this relationship: business outcomes. This means technology solutions (both cloud and on-premises) designed with strategic goals in mind: business outcomes. These can include improving efficiency for cost-savings, maximizing revenue, increasing security, and more. Beginning a search with business outcomes in mind will help you find a technology provider that demonstrates an understanding of your industry, your needs, and the technology solutions suited to them.  When you find this provider, it’s not a “one off” interaction; it’s a true “win-win” partnership that can last for both parties. Providers who do this are a new breed and spend an enormous time educating themselves on new technologies and industry-specific business outcomes. 

So, start examining your IT provider by asking if they know your name. Whether they do or don’t, it’s a good way to begin thinking differently about the relationships you need to grow your IT to achieve your strategic goals. 


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