Process Improvement

Understanding your organization’s Process or Governance model and knowing which areas to best optimize resources is critical for the success of your department. At VerisVisalign, our process gurus work with clients in various disciplines to do exactly that. We have worked with processes in Change Management, Project Management Office, HR (onboarding), and more.

Our Process Improvement Practice is comprised of experts who utilize the VerisSIM tool to benchmark your process and recommend improvements.

Our Process Gurus work with your organization to identify which specific processes need to be understood and benchmarked. They assist with identifying your key stakeholders and reviewing documentation around the process. We first understand:

WHY – Why do you think things need to be improved

WHAT – What is it that’s not streamlined, or that is requiring manual input from one system to another, or what is it you think needs to change?

WHO – The success of these projects depends on understanding the people piece of it first.  Are the right people in the right roles?  How will these changes be received within the organization?  What readiness needs to happen first, in order for those involved to be receptive? (Buy-in leads to greater adoption)

Our Process Benchmark VerisSIM (Service Improvement Manager), is used to go through a series of interviews with key stakeholders, then determine a score and set of recommendations for initiatives to be undertaken.  These results will be reviewed with you and a roadmap created to meet the exact needs in the expected timeframe.

Our Improvement Experts will work with your team to determine a specific plan for corrective steps and help to manage the change. All the process optimization in the world is useless if the organization is not ready for these changes, or has a history of being resistant to change and we help you work through the process.