Office 365 Security Assessment

Security is a vital concern in today’s world.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, VerisVisalign is uniquely qualified to deliver an Office 365 Security Assessment for your organization, providing you with a customized, prioritized and actionable roadmap.

No matter if you are in the early stages of an Office 365 implementation or already have Office 365 up and running, this assessment will provide you with the data you need to ensure your organization utilizing the security enhancements within Office 365 to remain safe.

The Office 365 Assessment utilizes the Secure Score tool, which is a numerical summary of your security posture within Office 365 based on system configurations, user behaviour and other security related measurements. It represents the extent to which you have adopted security controls available in Office 365 which can help offset the risk of being breached.

How the Assessment Works:

The objectives of the Office 365 Security Assessment are as listed below. Our team will take the time to meet with your staff and fully understand your business and security concerns. From there, we will utilize the Secure Score tool to provide the recommendations and roadmap that you need.

Understand cloud security objectives and requirements

We work with your staff to gain an understanding of your business requirements and how they drive security your objectives and requirements.

Office 365 security readiness

We provide guidance, recommendations and best practices on how to successfully implement Office 365 security features

Create an Office 365 security roadmap

We provide a prioritized and actionable Office 365 security roadmap based on your security objectives and requirements

Assessment Timeline

The Office 365 Security Assessment typically consists of a kick-off meeting followed by the 2-day on-site assessment. Following the assessment, we gather the data together and compile the results into and actionable report.

Week One

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Provide pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Provide instructions on how to export Office 365 Secure Score data

Week Two and Three

  • Customer to complete/return questionnaire
  • Customer to export and send Secure Score data
  • Analyse questionnaire and Secure Score data

Week Four

  • On-site workshops covering:
  • Security objectives and requirements
  • Office 365 security readiness
  • Office 365 security assessment
  • Office 365 security roadmap